Our Data Solution’s research teams have tracked Investment Tractions across Canada’s major markets as far back as 1995, to the benefit of all stakeholders within our real estate industry as a whole.

The success of the program relies on our data contributors and the trusted relationships the team have built and earned.  The result is the provision of high quality, detailed and timely data to support our industry’s informed decision-making.

Image with the text: 110,000+ investment transaction records across Canada.
Image with the text: 3,400+ investment transaction users across Canada.


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Accurate Representation in the RealNet Platform

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Relationship with the Go-to Source

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Contributing to a Healthy and Sustainable Market

Contributing Your Project Information is Easy:

A Market Analyst from our team will visit your sales centre to speak with the sales staff and get an update on your project information. 
We always identify ourselves and carry business cards so you know exactly who we are.
Alternatively, you may choose to provide us with the information directly through your head office. 
We are flexible and will accommodate whatever works best for you.

Interested in contributing or need more information?