• Support your acquisition thesis and project planning with current and future project information.
  • Use comprehensive data to support your pro formas, to obtain financing.
  • Understanding sales absorption to benchmark projects.
  • Gain market intelligence for staying on top of market performance and trends.


  • Locate comparable commercial investment sales and activity, or market inventory to support your land valuation, thesis, negotiation and financing.
  • Generate off-market opportunities for acquisition targets.
  • Understand market metrics like absorption and market rents to better plan, manage and benchmark your asset portfolio.
  • Manage risk by having a complete and transparent view of the market.
  • Gain market intelligence for staying on top of the commercial real estate market performance and trends.

Development Applications

  • Find out about potential deals before the market knows by mining our development application database.
  • Follow the planning cycle of development in your market to better understand approval timing, planning policies and other relevant items that could impact a project.
  • Validate and monitor pro formas for all of your development projects.
  • Understand competitive impacts and investment opportunities in a specific area.
  • Learn about competitive impacts and investment opportunities in a specific area, at the earlier stage of planning approvals.


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Use our comprehensive map and form searches to locate new home developments, commercial investment transactions, leasing availability and development application data.

Quickly search for land transaction comparables with relevant development application activity.

Screenshot of a map search in RealNet with a large number of high rise, low rise, office and residential land results showing.
Screenshot of an Investment Parameters Analysis that can be done in the RealNet platform.


Better understand property values for both residential and commercial developments before acquisition or disposition decision making to ensure you are prepared for negotiation and financing discussions.
Use our development applications data to test assumptions on future development potential and the impact on land values, as well as understand the characteristics of future supply in the region.


Analyse supply and demand for new homes and commercial real estate activity by asset type to see where opportunities lie.

Find new off-market acquisition targets by searching mortgage maturities, and identify your next deal before the market by mining our development applications database.

Identify potential lenders and gauge lending rates based on actual market activity in commercial investment sales.

Screenshot of part of an investment transaction record in RealNet, showing the price structure and property details.
A screenshot of a Proforma Report in RealNet.


After narrowing down your search using one of our various search tools, conduct a real time analysis of relevant data – for new home developments, commercial investment transactions or market inventory.


Stay up to date on new home developments and commercial real estate in your area of interest by gaining a complete perspective on the historical, current and future state of the market from our market reports and presentations.

Collage of Altus Group's Data Solutions reports and presentations across both New Homes and Commercial.

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