Photograph of Sylvain Lambert, Senior Director, Application Service Delivery, Data Solutions, Altus Group

Sylvain Lambert

About Sylvain Lambert

Senior Director, Application Service Delivery, Data Solutions

Sylvain has developed and managed information infrastructure for several services companies mainly real estate oriented and municipal governments. Expertise includes knowledge of the assessment and appraisal methodologies, geospatial abilities and database management. In his role as System Analyst, Sylvain has provided numerous solutions for clients focusing on effective data management. Most recently, Sylvain was involved in the creation of a national house price index. He also worked as the Architect for the AVM project called VALeRI which is used by municipalities, realtors, financial institutions and mortgage insurance company. Sylvain’s strength is in understanding the client needs and being able to translate those into and appropriate architecture using the power of the data through his team. Mr. Lambert joined Altus Group 10 years ago and he currently leads Altus Group’s Quebec office IT research department.